Effect of spraying with different concentrations of iron and zinc in the content of sorghum plants from macro elements N, P,K andmacro Fe, Zn


A field experiment was carried out in Al Bandar, Samawa city in the autumn season of 2016. Iron fertilize was used at rates of 0, 30, 60, 120 mg. l-1, and Zinc fertilizer concentrations of 0, 15, 30, 60, Zn mg. l-1. The iron significantly increased the plant content of elements K, P, N Concentration index (60 mg Fe.-1 L) An increase of N and K elements by 27 and 55% sequentially, concentration record (30 mg.l-1 Fe). An increase of 36% of the P element was also observed. Zinc concentration of (30 mg Zn L-1) increased the plant content of N and P elements by 29% and a concentration of 15 mg / An increase of 46% K. All overlaps also recorded an increase in element concentrations N, p in plant concentration. The concentration of Fe3 (120 mg. l-1 Fe) was higher than that of iron absorbed by 29% compared with zinc, and zinc was significantly increased in the amount of iron absorbed. The concentration of Zn3 (60 mg.l-1 Zn) was the best, as compared to other treatments. 120 mg. l-1 Fe gave the highest grain yield (5.90 t). The highest mean of 5.96 tc-1, obtained with concentration Zinc was 60 mg.l-1 Zn, while the combination (120 Fe + 60 Zn) recorded the highest grain yield of 6.28 tons


Zinc, Iron, Sorghum