The possibility of using associated gases of the khabaz oil field in supporting the production of electrical energy


This research includes a study of the components of the associated gases in khabaz oil field using Gas Chromatography instrument type (Varian cp-3800).Results of the analysis of the associated gases showed that the methane (CH4) is a (75%), while the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is (2%). The samples of the associated gases were collected from the inside of the khabaz station and from the (Line A - 5), which provides North Gas Company of associated gases, is a mixture of gases coming from gas compressing stations (north & south Bai Hassan, Daodgorga, Ajil station and khabaz station).Can take advantage of associated gas after treatment it in the North Gas Company for several purposes such as feeding power plant Mulla Abdullah, fuel gas for the operating units, production of sulfur and LPG.The productivity of khabaz oil field at the present time of the associated gas is (28-34 mmscf / day). The amount of the associated gases that burned in (flare) in khabaz oil field is (4 mmscf / day), The density of the flaring gas is (0.000921gm / cm3) where (mgas = ρgas * vgas), the (1 mmscf) of gas equivalent to (26 ton), the flaring associated gas rate in khabaz oil field equivalent to (104 ton / day), which is enough to generate (8.4 megawatt) of electrical energy.