Study the effect of partial replacement of fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum)Seeds in Rations milk production and components in Arabi Sheeps


12 ewes Arabiah of weight rages (40-59 kg), within different stages of pregnancy (Advanced and Late) were chosen from the herd of sheep, research station, Faculty of Agriculture, ALMuthanna University during 20 /11/2015 to 20/4/2016. Animals were categorized into three treatment, three ewes , five ewes and four ewes, feunugreek seed replacement in diet were 0, 3 and 6%, respectively. The results showed that treatments 3% and 3% 6% significantly exceeded control in produced milk. However, milk fat were decreased significantly in the second and third treatments, as compared to control. The third treatment was higher in the milk protein level followed by the second treatment, as compared to the control. Insignificant effect was detected for the seeds of the fenugreek on the level of lactose, relative density and solids of milk