Effect of Partitioning of Phosphorus Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Sun Flower Helianthus annuus L.


A field experiment was conducted at Al-Bandar research field, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ. during 2017 growing season to study the effect of fractionation of phosphate fertilizer on the growth, yield and quality of Luleo and Turki sunflower genotypes. Six levels of phosphate were applied (P0 = non-fertilizer comparison, P1 = whole soil pre-planting recommendation, P2 = 75% of the ground recommendation + 2500 mg. L-1 foliar, P3 = Add 50% of the ground recommendation + 5000 mg. L-1 foliar, P4 = Add 25% of the ground recommendation + 7500 mg L-1 foliar, P5 = Add 0% of the ground recommendation + 10000 mg. L-1 foliar) on genotypes Luleo and Turki, sunflower genotypes. P4 treatment was superior over others in number of leaves (28.55 leaves. plants -1), the paper area (8692 cm2), the number of seeds in the disk (1050.5 seeds. Disk -1), the plant yield (78.39 g. plant -1), the biological yield (10.31 tons), and the harvest index (40.35). Luleo genotype significantly exceeded Turki genotype in number of leaves, leaves area, number of seeds per disc, weight of 1000 seeds, individual yield and biological yield, by 29 leaves. plants -1 , 8809 cm2, 984.7 seeds, 80.08 g, 74.89 g.plants -1, 10.12 tons. h-1, respectively). P4 X (Luleo genotype) dual treatment significantly exceeded others in leaves area per plant (10106 cm2), the number of seeds (1224.6 seeds), the individual yield (88.99 g), the biomass (10.87 tons), and the harvest index (43.62).