Effect of Partial Replacement of The Seed of The Fenugreek Seeds on The Weight of The Birth and The Weight Increase of The Arabian Sheeps Lambs


Twelve Arabiah sheep were used in this study of different stages of pregnancy (advanced and late ) were selected from the flock of sheep, research station, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Muthanna during 20/11/2011 to 0/4/2016 to determine the effect of the addition of different levels of the seeds of fenugreek crushed seeds (0, 3, 6% of the diet) on the weight of the lambs at birth and the weekly weight increases.Sheeps were divided into three treatments each of 3, 5, and 4 ewes, respectively. The results showed that 3 and 6% treatments highly exceeded check in ewes weight at birth. 6% was the beast in the weekly gained weight (1-8 week) followed by the second treatment, as compared to the control. Furthermore, gained weigh was accompainied to 6% in weeks (1-2), (3-4) and (4-5), while with 3% was in weeks (2-3), (5-6) and 6-7 ), and (7-8), as compared to control.