Internet Addiction Disorder and Its Determinants among a Sample of Medical Students in Baghdad; 2017


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Internet has become an important part of our daily life, despite a lot of beneficial services availableon the internet, excessive use may lead to negative consequences. College students are the mostat risk groupOBJECTIVE:This research aimed at estimating the prevalence of internet addiction disorder and trying to find outits determinants among Medical College Students in Baghdad..PATIENTS AND METHODS:This cross sectional questionnaire survey was conducted on a sample of Al-Kindy Medical CollegeStudents in Baghdad using a self-administered questionnaire, information collected from 263 studentsfrom April through May 2017.RESULTS:The study showed that the Prevalence rate of internet addiction disorder among Al-Kindy MedicalCollege Students was 49 %.A statistically significant relation had been found between internetaddiction score and hours spent online daily, using social network applications and online games, anddaily hours spent online (p<0.05).CONCLUSION:Internet addiction is common among Al-Kindy Medical College Students. Spending more hoursonline per day, using social network applications and games were among the determinants of internetaddiction disorder.