Tall White Boy (An archaeological study from the Neolithic to the modern Bronze Age)


The Belikh River is one of the rivers that hide in its basin many of the prehistoric archaeological hills. Among the most important of these hills, the Sabi Alabyad Tell, about 30 km south of the Syrian-Turkish border, 80 km north of the city of Raqqa. A Dutch mission headed by Mortis Van Loon has been working on this site since 1986, and the work followed by Peter Akkermans. The results of the excavation revealed the discovery of 11 architectural phases, the lowest levels (11-7) to the early Neolithic period (about 5900-5200 BC), while the subsequent levels (6-4) are part of the transition period (5200-5100) BC) and the upper echelons (3-1) date back to the early Chaldean period (5100-5000 BC). Among the important discoveries at this site, the discovery of the so-called Burnt village in the normal sixth.