Maps of the Urban Uses in Safwan in 2018 by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques


Map is considered as the medium and the main instrument in presenting the phenomena which overlap and transcend within the urban space, therrfore the human 's interaction with his urban environment, which is stable as well as his permanent postition acceelerates steadily based on the incrasing requirements for life ranging from housing, community services and other urban uses which constitute the area of the city .So that , the city of Safwan is one of the regions of Al-Zubair district , the researcher didn't find a previous comprehensive maps study showing the spatial distribution of land uses , as well as showing the areas and percentages of those urban uses of the city area , based on Anderson's classification which was adopted by the American Area Authority as it 's considered as the closest clarification of land uses in the study area and for it is flexibility in the deletion and addition at the third and fourth levels according to the urban enviroment of the city .


Map, Urban Land uses