The impact of depression status on dental caries severity among internally displaced people in Baghdad/Iraq


Background: changing in lifestyle like displacing place could cause depression which is a common mental disorder that change general health that affect dental caries incidence and severity. The aims of this study were to assess the relation of depression status on prevalence and severity of dental caries among internally displaced people.Material and Method: The sample include 121 internally displaced people aged from 13-17 years. Method for depression measuring is by using Children Depression Inventory (CDI2) questionnaire. Dental caries is measured by using caries experience (DMFs) and caries severity D1-4.Result: the mean value for decayed and missing surfaces were higher in high depression grade as compering with low and medium depression grade, while filled surfaces were with higher mean value in low grade than high grade of depression and absent in medium grade. While when measuring caries severity (D 1-4), the highest mean value for D1, D3 were in medium depressed group while D2, D4 were with highest value in high depressed group.Conclusion: depression among internally displaced people had an effect on caries severity