Effect of using different training systems On Some special physical abilities in a 50m Youth freestyle swimming


The aim of the research is to identify a range of training distances according to different systems and to identify the impact of training systems in some special physical abilities. The researchers hypothesized that there were significant differences in some physical abilities between the pre and posttests in favor of applying different training systems. There were significant differences in some physical abilities among the three research groups in the post-test after the implementation of the different training systems. The researchers used the experimental method. The subjects were (18) Youth Nineveh swimming team for the season (2017-2018). All swimmers were divided into three experimental groups. The training program lasted for (8) weeks during two intermediate cycles and 4 short cycles and (3 : 1) in each intermediate course and 3 training sessions per week. The data was collected and treated using proper statistical operations to conclude that the training systems had a positive effect on special physical abilities. In spite of the positive effect of the systems used on the special physical abilities, there was a superiority of the training system for decreasing the ability of the two men, the strength of the arms, the strength of abdomen muscles. The researchers recommended to emphasize the trainers using the high-intensity to develop achievement of this event because it has a positive impact to improve the level of physical abilities. Stressing that trainers should use the descending training system by distance in the form of high-intensity training, which did not have superiority over the rest of the systems for effectiveness in the development of most physical capacities.