Analytical study of the strategy of financing projects in the city of Ramadi – an applied study


The lack of a housing strategy and the adoption of the mechanism for implementing housing projects on the plans set out in the national development plans have exacerbated the need for housing, and since solving the housing problem needs to activate an appropriate strategy for the implementation of housing projects, which represent the real confrontation to achieve this issue, which undertakes the implementation of projects So that the issue of defining an efficient and realistic housing strategy is one of the most important issues as a successful solution to the housing crisis in Iraq. Consequently, the study focused on the discovery of this concept and its indicators in the urban environment of the community Iraqi. . The study aims at clarifying the housing sector and housing finance and its main types, as well as the definition of the housing system and the definition of the housing elements affecting it, which is the land required for the establishment of housing units and real estate finance and laws and legislation that have to do with facilitating the process of large production of housing units, construction materials, As well as to clarify the housing market and the factors affecting it and the relationship between it and the housing mortgage market, and to the statement of what the housing policy and types. This study supports an applied field study on the city of Ramadi to represent the third chapter. We tried to explore the views of both investors and citizens on this subject. The method of conducting the field survey and the details of the questionnaire will be mentioned and discussed later. Which is focused on framing some of the trends that act as effective tools in determining the appropriate housing strategy. Perhaps the most important is that there is a positive trend towards adopting the strategy of empowering the local community in order to provide housing units, Especially in light of the specificity of the stage in which it is going to pass. This approach recognizes the importance of the current need for housing, taking into consideration the needs of future generations through effective planning for its potential to achieve sustainable development of housing by its side. The current Iraqi society and its aspirations to get rid of the housing problem, as well as in order to alleviate the financial and administrative burdens of the government to limit its role on the organization, guidance and control of the work of the private sector.