Infection control measures to reduce nosocomial infection rates in the Medical city burn center


Background: The most serious problem in burn units is nosocomial infection (NI). In extensive burnpatients, sepsis is considered the main cause of death; infection control program will help to lower NIand its subsequent high mortality rate.Objective: To achieve the lowering of NI in burn units, by effect of infection control measures (ICMs).Patients and methods: This is a prospective study conducted on patients admitted in BurnCenter/Medical City in Baghdad from May 2012 to April 2015. A total of 1977 hospitalized patientswere included in this study. This center receives burn patients with different severity. In around April2012 an infection control program was started in the center by the infection control team ICT.Results: The rate of NI was reduced; the mortality rates declined, and mean hospital stay of NI patientsdecreased. The number of cases with burn wound infection (BWI), bacteremia sepsis and subsequentmortality were decreased.Conclusion: ICMs helped to reduce NIs in the burn center .Rational usage of antibiotic and baths, newdressing, early excision and grafting are vital and recommended