Determine The Location Of Nodes In Wireless Sensor Network By Using GA


Abstract:In several cases, it is important, or even necessary, for a device in the wireless sensor network to beaware of its location in the network. For example, the event detection process loses its importance ifthe wireless sensor network cannot provide any information about where the event occurred.However, site information cannot be manually configured on each device during deployment. It isalso futile to place the future of the Global Positioning System (GPS) at each node, due to physicaland publishing limitations (e.g. GPS does not work within the structure) and other limitations relatedto the power of the device. In this paper we proposed new methodologytodetermine the location ofnodes by using Genetic Algorithms(GA).GA consider an important technique in the search for thebest choice of a set of solutions available for a particular design. Through the results obtained usingthe proposed algorithm, this method can be considered more reliable and cost effective thantraditional methods.