Tattoo: Attitudes and Perception Of Health-related Risks


Background: For thousands of years, and in many places around the world tattoos have been practiced, while it comes into existence spontaneously and practiced in cultural, geographic and climatic conditions completely(1,2(.Aim of the study: The study objected to assess perception of health-related risks and attitudes toward tattooing among institute students and faculty members in Mosul. Methodology: Descriptive-Analytical study design was depended throughout the period "4th of March till 30th of April / 2018" among a female convenience sample of (283) students and faculty members from Technical Institute of Mosul. The researcher collected the intended information related to the topic of the study via an interview with each subject of the study by using structured anonymous questionnaire composed of three parts; demographic characteristics of the subjects, perception of health-related problems associated with tattoo and the attitudes toward it. The instrument was validated through opinions of (5) experts from the nursing field, while its reliability was measured through test-retest on (15) university female students, its result was (r=0.83). Data were presented through descriptive-analytical statistic. Results: The sample had a weak level of perception with respect to health-related risks associated with the practices, from another side; religious obligations were the main limitation of being away from tattooing.Conclusions: The study concluded that there was a clear ignorance of infectious diseases that could be transmitted through this practice. The study also concluded that the motives for the practice were very weak. Recommendations: The study recommended on the need to raise the level of perception among the society about the health risks associated with the practice through the mass media. Also, in the event of its occurrence, obligations and commitments towards values, traditions, and religious beliefs must be respected.Key Wards: Tattoo, Attitude, Perception, Health related Risks