The Effect of Using Mental Maps On Cognitive Achievement In Rhythmic Gymnastics


The aim of the research was to design mental maps for some theoretical of cognitive achievement in the gymnastic game and to identify the effect of the use of mental maps on cognitive achievement. The researcher hypothesized that there were statistically significant differences between the results of the two tests and the existence of significant differences in the remote tests between the control and experimental research in the results of the tests of collection and retention. The study sample consisted of two experimental and experimental groups who are students of the second stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. The researcher adopted the achievement results in the first exam and the retention test for the most committed female students in attendance and attending the theoretical exams, with a total of (12) students from each group. The application of the teaching method continued through the method of mental maps throughout the period of theoretical theorems, which included the first half hour of the first chapter of the experimental group, while the control group adopted the method of explanation used by the teachers of the article. And the same date as the theoretical exam.Through the results obtained by the researcher and their analysis and discussion of the results, we concluded that the mental map is effective in improving students' achievement in the cognitive part. Teaching using the mental map is also suitable for teaching theoretical subjects in the field of Gymnastics better than the usual methods. The method used in the teaching of theoretical subjects in the subject of Gymnastics is useful in terms of information acquisition, but weak in terms of retention of information. Finally, the method of teaching using mental map strategies is of great benefit in terms of retention of acquired material. The researcher recommended the necessity of adopting the strategy of the mental map in teaching the theoretical material of the Gymnastics and spreading this strategy to the rest of the materials. In addition to that, training teachers of materials, especially professors of theoretical subjects in courses on the use of mental map as well as the introduction of teaching methods mental maps within the vocabulary of teaching methods in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science.