The role of the digital social media in forming the public opinion of the students of Kerbala University


The technical development in communication means has afforded a grand opportunity for enabling the media to be available under hand and to have become the world between your hands. This could be done through the social medias that have fulfilled a big informational revolution in the world. The social medias means have become used hugely by all the society sectors, the cultured and uncultured. This actually lead to these medias ' contribution into adding and changing habits, trends and behaviors to the receivers without censorship and it has become dynamic movement among the youths as to participate into applications just like (Facebook and twitter) Our study has confirmed that the students who are the huge sector in the society have been effected by the social medias largely, where results have indicated that about 97% OF the university students in karbala use Internet, where they remain mainly focus on Facebook that occupied first rank, with ratio 83%, followed by Viber with ratio 42% then YouTube that occupied 3rd rank with ratio 25%. The study has explained that the student using internet enjoys to communicate others via computer for many reasons ; besides, Facebook competes other informational means as to get news and information directly (in visual and audio), along with quick interaction without censorship and to adduce his opinion freely. What's up site comes in 4th rank with ratio 10% and other webs sites have been with ratio 9%. For the religious aspect of Karbala, Facebook site has become as an assistant factor in publishing instructions and religious directions that undertake responsibility to publish the culture and religious awareness for the society and the students.