Chemical analysis of urinary tract stones


The aim of present study is to reveal the chemical composition of urinary tract stones in patients ministering in Al-Sadir medical city/Al-Najaf. The study conducted from March 2010 -December 2012. Convenience sampling technique was employed. The study included patients of either sex (470 cases, 342 were males 128 were females) and all ages (from 1 to 60 year) were diagnosed with urinary stones. All patients were treated conservatively or by intervention (ESWL, ureteroscopy, PNL, or open surgical therapy). Chemical analysis was performed. Out of 470 patients, 342(72.7%) were males and 128(27.2%) were females. Age of the patients ranging from 1- 60 years. Location of the stones were from various parts of urinary system. Calcium oxalate stones were found in 126 (36.8%) male patients and in 42(32.8%) female patients. Uric acid stones were found in 64(18.7%) male patients and in 6(4.6%) female patients. Struvite stones were found in 6(1.7%) male patients and in 6 (4.6%) female patients. 146(42.6%) male patients and 74(57.8%) female patients were having mixed stones (calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid and struvite stones). Mixed urinary stones (calcium containing and non-calcium containing stones) constitutes the commonest variety of any stones in our local population of Al-Najaf governorate, Iraq.