Evaluation of Toxic Effects of Blue Green algae Chroococcus sp. on Weights and Gills of the FishPoecilia sphenops


abstractIn the present study the blue green algae Chroococcus sp. was isolated and from different areas ofthe Euphrates River in the city of Nasiriyah after its purified and in the liquid culture medium (Chu-10 medium). The Histopathological effects of algae on Poecilia sphenops were studied afterfeeding on it and for two periods of (3) days and (14) days.The weight of fishes was test decreasing the weight in the group 2 and 3 cowperal with groupcontrol histological study showed that this algae causes obvious histopathological changes in thegills, which increases its intensity and diversity with the length of the period of eating fish foralgae. This changes represented by detachment of epithelial layer of the secondary gill lamellaeand change in the straight shape of the secondary gill lamellae which have different shapes ,Hypertrophy in some epithelial cells of the secondary gill lamellae, hyperplasia in secondary gilllamellae , aneurism and congestion of blood capillary of secondary gill lamellae, aggregation ofchloride cells and necrosis in epithelial cells of the secondary gill lamellae.