Features of the Supremacy and its preoccupations in the contemporary Iraqi theater


This research included four chapters, the first (the methodological framework) of the research, which includes the problem of research, importance and need, the purpose of it, the limits and the definition of terminology. The second contains on three sections: The first topic: Suprealism conceptually that is combined two axes, the first is supranality, and the second is the impact of the postmodernist trend on the supranial. The second topic: it discussed the approaches of the Superealism in the arts. the third topic: it dealt with the supranational preoccupations in the theatrical presentation that includes two axes: the foreign models and the arabic models; the third chapter presents sample of research as the exhibition of the drama (Interview) by director Akram Essam. The research ended with the results, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions, then a list of references and supplements then followed by a summary of the research in English. One of the most important conclusions: Subrealism plays theatrical in real life aspects only without the intervention of the passion of the director, the supranational theater does not need a text to interpret it, expressively expressive by showing the truth itself rather than simulated, which makes persuasion more effective.