The Memory of the Past in Toni Morrison's Beloved


African-American feminism has its advent mostly due to the increase in African-American literature since the twentieth century. In this era, the Afro-Americans tried to reflect some of their major difficulties, like social marginalization, oppression in social, political and economic aspects of their lives. Toni Morrison (1931) is a female writer whose novel has resulted in fundamental changes in the women's literature. She is highly concerned with the problems that a woman, particularly African-American one, has faced due to her race and the patriarchal society in which she is living. In Beloved (1987), occupied a special position in this regard because it deals with one of the most irritating problem that any woman may suffer. The most important theme of Beloved that of history the reconstruction of the previous memories. This is because the chief characters of the novel are troubled by their bitter experiences. The novel investigates the black people's history, which is charged with pain and suffering.