Significance of filming the works in the Holy Quran on the provisions of acts worship and transaction


The Quranic picture in general and the Quranic picture in the Holy Quran are religious and psychological, before they are only aesthetic. The interpretation of the verses of God through these rhetorical glimpses which leads to the ability of any different method, whether at the level of the verse or the word or even the characters to perform With the same weight and the depth of semantic and inspirational, makes the taste of these verses and texts Quranic taste and sense of living, and among the goals of the Koranic imagery is the significance of the provisions of acts of worship and transactions, so we conducted this research to study the significance of the portrayal of works in the Koran on the provisions of worship and transactions, In the second section, we discussed the significance of portraying the works in the Holy Quran on transactions and we devoted the study (selling, riba, and marriage), and in both studies We have settled verses including the provisions of worship in the way of Quranic photography, this is the summary of what we have worked on these pages.