Prosthetic Treatment for Hemimaxillectomy Patient: (A Clinical Case)


Aims: prosthetic rehabilitation of a maxillary defect after hemi-maxillectomy with a palatal obturator madefrom nickel chromium framework. Materials and methods: A silicon impression was made and pouredwith a dental stone to develop a definitive cast. The site, position and shape of maxillary defect determinethe path of insertion. Design the metal framework of the obturator to Class II R.P.D according to Kennedy'sclassification. Casting the framework in base-metal alloy made from nickel chromium framework, centricjaw relation was recorded. A finished prosthesis (an obturator of closed hollow-bulb type) was inserted.Conclusions: Obturator prosthesis enhancing function and speech, reduce the rate of fluids and foodpassing to the nose. Extend the border of an acrylic of the prosthesis at defect site lead to enhance both theretention and stability of the obturator.