The Precautionary principle to contract (A legal Study of contracts in the Tourism sector)


As a result of the development in various scientific and practical areas it has issues appeared need to know and highlight them and the relationships that you create and what effects it entails among these areas hit by the tourism sector, which is no longer evolution depends on what it previously was a tradition for tourism blockbuster, but injury is something of evolution so entered the technological means to attract tourists and to encourage him to travel ,. This case is not limited only to Iraq, but he arrived in Iraq after the development in other countries, on the one hand, on the other hand has become a tourism is not limited to the entertainment side, whether related to religious matters or other, here the income side or the economic factor, which moved as a result of the development of relations and complexity, this issue has moved the legal factors in terms of intercourse with the ideas and principles and the complexity of relationships necessarily require knowledge of legal terms in terms of organization or its implications, from here originated relatively modern principles to address the issues that appeared on the scene as the need to legally regulate the knowledge and the extent of the possibility traced to the general rules or it needs its own organization, among them is the precautionary principle in the contract as one of the modern principles, which has been associated with the presence of tourism in the contracts of consumption larger, this study focused on the above principle to highlight in terms of definition and terminology synonymous him with a statement of the legal nature and the consequent effects.