Effectiveness of an Instructional program concerning Medication adherence on Knowledge of Hypertensive Patients at AL-Razi Center in Al-Basra Governorate


Objective: the study aims to find out the effectiveness of an instructional program on patients adherence for medication of hypertension, and their knowledge. Methodology: A quasi-experimental design study is conducted at AL-Razi center in AL-Basra governorate. The study was started at 1st of December 2018 to end June 2019. A probability sample of (50) hypertensive patients who attending AL-Razi center. Data were collected throughout the utilization of the adopted questionnaire and interview technique. The questionnaire is composed of (44) items related to patient's adherence and knowledge toward importance of medication compliance. The reliability of instrument was 0. 74 by using cronbachs alpha, the data analysis done by uses the statistical methods which as (descriptive, and inferential statistics) Results: the findings revealed that there were improve in patient’s knowledge and their adherence toward hypertensive medication at post test of program which of 75.3% of them was compliance for medication uses, and the patients not compliance was reduced to 24.7%.Conclusions: The instructional program had positive effect on this group of patients and this study demonstrated significant changes in their knowledge scores comparing the pre and the post knowledge, knowledge was changed from moderate grade level in pre-test to high grade level in post-test.The study recommend to establish specific department in each treating center of hypertension to provide the patients the information needed about the important of compliance and follow up when patients need to change their drugs