Isolate and Identify of Contracaecum spp. Nematodes from Some Aquatic Bird Species by Using Light Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope


Abstract:Ninety six aquatic birds were collected and examined for infection with Contracaecum spp.nematodes in Al-Sanaf marsh, which is located in Thi-Qar province / Southern Iraq, between March toDecember 2018, The nematodes are fixed in hot 70% ethanol, the lactophenol and glycerine used to clearthe internal features and examined by light microscope. Some samples examined by scanning electronmicroscope (SEM) a Leo1450vp and the images were captured digitally. The current study showed that 48out of 96 (50%) aquatic birds were infected with Contracaecum nematodes, Contracaecum microcephalumisolated from four aquatic bird species: Nycticorax nycticorax, Egretta garzetta, Ardae purpurea andPelecanus onocrolalus, while Contracaecum multipapilatum isolated from two aquatic bird species E.garzetta and Ardeola ralloides, Contracaecum rudolphii isolated from Phalacrocroax carbo only.