Choosing Minimum Height for Continuing Operation wind Energy Generation Over Urban Cities


Abstract:In this study, reference for the minimum height through which wind energy can be continuing overurban cities, the Mustansiriya University site located in the center of Baghdad. We were obtain with thedata from the fast weather station responding to the building of the Department of Atmospheric SciencesUniversity of Mustansiriya at 19 m high and the second station slow response data to determine the type ofstability by knowing the length of Monin-Obukh and calculate the wind speed and rates for eight directions.Direction of speed Wind for the year 2016 depend on the available data in the days of awakening, measuredthe distance in the study area affected by roughness in order to know the lowest height of wind energy inthe university and then calculated the wind power density at high altitudes that we found it .The measuredof scale and shape parameters were also found according to Weibble distribution and the wind powerdensity was compared in the normal way using Weibull distribution.