A Spectroscopic and structural study of FeCoSb alloy


Fe, Co and Sb nanopowders were fruitfully prepared by electrical wire explosion method in Double distilled and de-ionized water (DDDW) media. The formation of iron, cobalt and antimony (FeCoSb) alloy nanopowder was monitored by X-ray diffraction. The x-ray diffraction pattern indicates that there are iron, cobalt and antimony peaks. Optical properties of this alloy nanoparticles were characterized by UV-Visible absorption spectra. The absorption peak position is shifted to the lower wavelengths when the current increases. That means the mean size of the nanoparticles controlled by changing the magnitude of the current. The surface morphological analysis is carried out by employing Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Particles with varies size were observed also from the images the some particles have uneven shapes with agglomerate and the other have spherical shape. The exploding FeCoSb alloy wire plasma parameters is study by optical emission spectroscopy. The emission spectra of the plasma have been recorded and analyzed. The plasma electron temperature (Te), was determined by Boltzmann plot, and the electron density (ne), by Stark broadening for wire with diameter 0.3 mm and current of 75A in distilled water.