Optical Fiber Amplifiers: Optimization and Performance Evaluation


This work demonstrates the simulation of two different types of optical fiber amplifiers (OFA) utilizing OptiSystem–10, namely, 3 m length of erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and 7 km length of Raman fiber amplifier (RFA). The counter-pumped architecture is adopted for both proposed optical amplifiers. The optimum pump power (OPP) for each amplifier determines in which the longest 3–dB flat gain bandwidth (3–dB BW), reasonable average gain level (Gav), proper average noise figure (NFav) and lower gain variation (Gvar) were achieved. The EDFA shows best performance at conventional band (C–band) within the pump power of 30 mW.While the better performance is observed at long band (L–band) within the pump power of 600 mW for the RFA.