Justifications of Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce


Due to the increasing number of internet users worldwide and the development of e-commerce contracts, the idea of e-consumer protection has become more necessary and has got more attention at the international level. This research aims to examine the justifications of consumer protection in electronic commerce. The importance of this research appears in shadow of enacting the Iraqi Consumer Protection Law No. 1 of 2010, where it did not include any legal provisions for the protection of transactions conducted by through the Internet.We found that the justifications for consumer protection in e-commerce are legal and technical justifications. The most important legal justifications is the legal status of the consumer in relation to the profession, the latter is the strongest economically and cognitively, unlike the consumer who is in a weak position, which makes the relationship between the parties not balanced while, the most important technical justifications is the development in the field of information and communications technology, in addition to the issue of consumer confidence in e-commerce as one of the issues that can limit the size and development of e-commerce.