Influence of Varying Temperature and Concentration on MHD Peristaltic Transport for Jeffrey Fluid with Variable Viscosity through Porous Channel


The present paper deals with the peristaltic motion of Jeffrey fluid with varying temperature and concentration through a porous medium in a coaxial uniform circular tube. The fluid is assumed to be non-Newtonian, namely Jeffrey fluid. The inner tube is uniform, while the outer flexible tube has a sinusoidal wave traveling down its wall. The analytical formulas of the velocity and temperature have been obtained in terms of the Bessel function of first and second kinds. The numerical formula of the axial velocity, temperature and concentration are obtained as functions of the physical parameters of the problem (Darcy number, magnetic parameter, thermal Grashof number, Reynolds number, Prandtl number, and Schmidt number) with other physical parameters are obtained. The Influence of physical parameters of the problem on this formula are discussed numerically and illustrated graphically through a set of figures.