Evaluation of Experimental Modelling Wax Manipulation Used in Constructing Maxillary Completely Edentulous Record Base


Aims: The aims of this study were to evaluate the manipulation , and accuracy of the prepared experimental modeling waxes from hard paraffin wax, by adding some natural products (natural beeswax, starch, and amaranth) materials and compared with the control ( Polywax and Major wax) by constructing maxillary completely edentulous record base. Materials and Methods: The manipulation of 36 samples of the two experimental modeling waxes and control (Polywax and Major wax ) were evaluated by preparing a special mold of maxillary arch made of die stone according to the form of manufacturing trademarks of base plate wax (Major wax). All samples (maxillary arch record base) were prepared and measured after 1hr, 24hr, and 48hr. by using Dimax program. Results: the results of all new experimental modeling waxes showed easy manipulation, except the sample with additives { experimental modeling wax No. 2 (90% beeswax + 10% starch)} which showed less dimensional changes (0.17%) from others. Conclusions: the experimental modeling wax No. 1 (80% hard paraffin + 20% beeswax) and experimental modeling wax No. 2 (90% beeswax + 10% starch) were closest in properties to control and ADA specification No. 24 than other waxes.