Periodontal health care by people of Humaidat village in Ninevah


This study was a part of a field work carried out by the University of Mosul in Humaidat village which is located at the Tigris river about 25 km to the northern west from Mosul. The size of the sample was 213 individuals; 105 males and 108 females. Their ages were ranged between 10 – 59 years. Clinical dental examination was carried out using plaque index (Pl I), gingival index (GI) and calculus index (CI). Questionnaires were used to assess the level of dental health attitude and behaviour among the individuals. Results showed that a large percent of them do not brush their teeth (46.4%) and do not use interdental cleaning aids (87.3%). Also a large percent of them did not attend a dental treatment previously (45%), and most of dental attendances of the others were for teeth extraction and due to pain. Clinical examination showed that the mean scores for plaque, gingival and calculus indices were high (1.16, 1.22 and 0.54 respectively) and increased by increasing age.