Microleakage of fluoride containing propolis varnish


Dental cavity varnishes used to coat the freshly cut tooth structure to reduce microleakage and post-operative hypersensitivity. Dental cavity varnishes are prepared from natural gum or synthetic resin dissolved in a volatile organic solvent. The aim of this study is preparation of the fluoridated cavity varnish from propolis. Propolis is a natural gum used by bees to seal their honeycombs, it is available, cheep material in Iraq. The effectiveness of the propolis varnish in reducing the microleakage under amalgam restoration was evaluated by microleakage test by which microleakage tested by penetration of methylene blue dye and examined microscopically. The data was analyzed statistically with ANOVA and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. The results of this study showed that the fluoridated propolis varnish has a good quality and it is highly effective in reducing the microleakage under amalgam restoration.