Incidence of impacted third molar among Mosul dental students


The purpose of this study is to determine the incidence of impacted third molar and its distribution between the jaws among Mosul dental students, in addition to the study of its relationship with the family history, habit and sex of the patient. The incidence of congenital missing third molar and its distribution between the jaws were also estimated. The sample for this study consisted of 165 Mosul dental students; their age ranged from 20–25 years. The results revealed 46.06% of impaction third molar where the females show higher incidence of impaction than the males and in the mandibular arch than the maxillary one. Patients with chewing gum and singing habits show less degree of impacted third molar than those without these habits. A high significant correlation was observed between third molar impaction and family history of the patient. The study also revealed that the incidence of congenitally missing third molar was 12.57% and it is slightly higher in the maxilla than the mandible.