Molecular detection of CYP51 genes in Aspergillus fumigatus


Triazoles are the mainstay for aspergillosis treatment. However, azole resistance is an emerging problem reported worldwide in Aspergillus infection mainly caused by A.fumigatus. Increase azole resistance in A.fumigatus has reported with treatment failure and become a significant challenge in effective management of aspergillosis. In the current study , A.fumigatus isolates were resistant to itraconazole and ketonazole with percentage of 36% and 44% respectively. The conventional Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was used to confirm antifungal resistance by detecting the presence of CYP51A and CYP51B genes. The results of using this technique showed that A. fumigatus isolates were positive to these genes with 100% percentage. Our study revealed that the CYP51 genes are predominant in azole resistance isolates. Furthermore, PCR was proven to be highly effective method for identifying these genes.