The Effect of Different Beverage Solutions on the Hardness of Different Acrylic Denture Teeth


To determine the effect of different beverage solutions on the hardness of different acrylic denture teeth which are commercially available. Materials and Methods: Sixty samples were prepared from three brands of artificial teeth in this study. The posterior teeth of each brand were placed in auto polymerizing acrylic resin and the occlusal surfaces were ground flat, then immersed in distilled water (control), Pepsi, coffee and tea solutions for 30 days and then the hardness were tested using Vickers microhardness tester. Results: The RMH denture teeth materials showed the highest hardness than other denture teeth materials. Pepsi was more effective than tea and coffee in reducing the hardness of different acrylic teeth materials. Conclusions: Pepsi reduced the hardness of different acrylic teeth materials during the 30 days immersion. The hardness of RMH denture teeth materials was less affective by the different beverage solutions