Elevated ceruloplasmin and leucocyte count in Type 2 diabetic nephropathy


Background : Type 2 diabetes mellitus is chronic disorder that requires proper medical careand education of patients to reduce long term complication like nephropathy .Patients and methods: Forty-five Type 2 diabetic nephropathy patients in early stage wererecruited for this study. Twenty-nine control subjects matched for age were also included.Results : this study demonstrated a significant increase in glycosylated hemoglobin ,randomblood glucose , blood urea , creatinine and total White blood cell count while a significantdecrease in , estimated glomerular filtration rate in Type 2 diabetic nephropathy patientscompared with healthy control . Urine markers including microalbumin and ceruloplasminshowed a significant increase in level in Type 2 diabetic nephropathy patients when comparedwith the healthy control.Conclusion: leucocyte count can be considered as indicator for an inflammatory marker and aceruloplasmin a good urinary marker.