Nutrients Effect on Tomato's (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) Hybrids grown in Unheated Plastic House


This experiment was conducted during autumn growing season of 2016-2017 under unheated greenhouse environment at the field station of college of Agriculture-University of Tikrit to study the effect of seaweed, and organic extracts spraying on growth and yield of tomato's (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) three hybrids. The following nutrients were used; Alga600, Seaweed, and Max in addition to control treatment. The three hybrids were; Rakan, Bushra, and Sadouf. The experiment was designed using split plot design with two factors. The experiment results showed that the organic nutrient Alga600 significantly dominated on fruit average weight (146.00 gm. each fruit-1, individual plant yield as it was recorded for 2.33 kg. each plant-1, number of fruits for each plant (16.59 fruits. each plant-1, the yield of experimental unit (46.67 kg), total greenhouse yield (3981.33 kg. each greenhouse-1), texture toughness of fruits, and the pH was 4.88 of nutrient at concentration of 6.14 kg. cm2 respectively. While the Seaweed affected the peel thickness as it was 1.00 mm and the fruit diameter was 6.67 cm. each fruit-1.The effect of hybrids, it was noticed that hybrid Rakan was significantly dominated in fruit peel thickness, fruit texture fruit toughness (0.86 mm) and (6.19 kg. cm2). The following characteristics of yield including fruit yield for each plant (2.05 kg. each plant-1, experimental unit total yield (41.00 kg), total yield of the green house (3.526 tones. green house), number of fruits per each plant (14.69 fruits. plant-1), and fruit average weight (137.67 gm). The hybrid Sadouf was dominated in the pH, which was 4.46.