The results analysis of complete blood count during the first half of 2015 at the Central Child Teaching Hospital in Baghdad.


Abstract:Background: Complete blood count (CBC) is the most commonly requested test byphysicians. The central child teaching hospital is the second largest pediatric hospital inIRAQ. We review the CBC for the first half of 2015 at that hospital.Objectives: this study was arranged to explore the prevalence of anemia, leucocytosis,leucopenia, thrombocytosis, thrombocytopenia, using automated CBC counter Emerald &Ruby Abbott for outpatient and inpatients respectively.Patients and methods: A retrospective study included a total of 19341 patient attendedcentral child teaching hospital (from the 1st of January -1st of July 2015). All of them didcomplete blood picture test using ruby Abbott and emerald Abbott hematology autoanalyzer,14418 of them were inpatients and 4723 patients attended to the outpatient clinic.Results: the results were analyzed as anemia, leucocytosis, leucopenia, thrombocytosis,thrombocytopenia for the whole patients and for each month to the inpatients so that toanalyze the result according to season. Anemia was seen more commonly in the inpatients(30.79%) than the outpatient (20.8%). Leucopenia was seen more in outpatients (17.15%)than in inpatients (8.1%), while leukocytosis shown to be (10.8%) of inpatients and 2% ofoutpatients. Thrombocytopenia was (8.3%) of inpatient and (3.1%) of outpatients. Regardingthe monthly incidence we found that the highest percentage of anemia in outpatients seen atMay (42%), while the lowest was seen at January (19.76%).Leucocytosis and thrombocytosisboth showed the highest percentage at January (19.76%), (15.29%) respectively.Conclusion: anemia, leucocytosis, and thrombocytosis seen in inpatients more thanoutpatients ,leucopenia seen in outpatients more than inpatients ,thrombocytosis showed nearresults for in and out patients but a little higher for inpatients.


analysis, CBC, children