An extra oral prosthesis for extensive maxillofacial defect: A clinical report


AIMS: Prosthetic rehabilitation of the patient by extraoral appliance, restoring the losing eye, part of the nose, cheek, roof of the palate (left side), and improving esthetic, phonetic and mastication of the patient. METHODS: Impression and making of the working cast, Sculpture of the wax pattern, artificial eye made from acrylic resin, body of prosthesis made from acrylic resin lined with soft lining material, silicon elastomers of maxillofacial applied to the prosthesis for life like skin appearance, and delivery of the prosthesis to the patient. CONCLUSIONS: Many methods of retaining the maxillofacial prosthesis have been used like tissue under cuts,magnets, medical adhesives, osseointegrated implants or combination of them. The prognosis was poor for the prosthetic treatment because of the extensive defect size, radiation applied all around the defect area make a challenge to get benefit from implant fixed in the surrounding bony area to enhance the retention of the prosthesis, and little bony support. For the case which describe in this report, retention obtained from hard and soft tissue under cut