Determination the flow of experimental modeling waxes by using Vicat apparatus


Aim of the study: measuring the flow of new experimental modeling waxes. Materials and methods: preparation of one hundred twenty (120) samples of different experimental modeling waxes by mixing of different percentages of Iraqi natural waxes ( hard paraffin, soft paraffin and beeswax) and additives (starch, gum Arabic, rosin and Na-carboxymethylcellulose) using mold made from brass according to ADA specification and measure the flow of them by using vicat apparatus after making modification on it. Results: The experimental modeling wax (80% hard paraffin + 20% soft paraffin) and (80% beeswax + 20% soft paraffin) had the most nearest properties to control (Polywax) at 40c°and 45c° and experimental modeling wax (90% beeswax + 10% starch) to control (Major) at 40c° and experimental modeling waxes (80% beeswax + 20% hard paraffin), (80% hard paraffin + 15% soft paraffin + 5% beeswax), (70% hard paraffin + 20% soft paraffin + 10% beeswax) and (90% beeswax + 10% starch) to control (Major) at 45c°. Conclusions: The flow of waxes increased with increasing heating temperature from 40°C to 45°C