The Poetry Attributed To Imam Hassan Bin Ali Al-Mujtaba, Peace Be Upon Them- Study A Grammatical And In-Kind


This article is a study on the poetry attributed to Imam Hassan bin Ali al-Mujtaba, peace be upon them, mentioned in the book of Ahl al-Bayt on peace and documented in the study of Adel Laibi Salman in his research titled Poetry of Imam Hassan - study and documentation in achieving this subject in an attempt to provide an in-depth reading of the structures and formulas Linguistic and (grammatical) by tracing the poetry attributed to the Imam peace be upon him and study a grammatical and in-kind study of the sentence, exile, and the copied sentence, and confirmed, while the second section dealt with the proverb, the exile, the legitimate sentence, and the confirmed sentence, She was T. The third lesson, entitled "Synthesis symptoms", was studied by studying the structural symptoms in the nominal and actual sentences and in the first two axes, perhaps in the introduction and the delay. The second was in the chapter and the connection, and the conclusion was concluded with a conclusion and a set of results