Effect of EM-1 Biofertilization and Humic acid on chemical properties of local orange(citrus sinensis L.) grafted on sour orang rootstock


The study was carried out in certified. Citrus production nursery at AL-Hindiyah district-Kerbala during 1/3 to 1/12/2017 on the seedlings of local orange at 6 months age that grafted on Local orange rootstock . The effect of EM-1 bio fertilizer with four con concentrations 0,10,15,20 ml.L and humic acid with four concent rations 0,3,4.5 ml.L and their combinations on total chlorophyll content, carbohydrates , and some nutrients as well as some soil chemical properties were studied . The R.C.B.D design was used in this experiment as factorial one with two factors and the means were compared by least significant difference L.S.D at 0.05 probability level . The results revealed that , the spraying of seeding's with the treatments , individually or combined , resuled in a significant increase in total chlorophyll content , carbohydrates , nitrogen and phosphorus concentration in leaves , available phosphorus and soil pH .the superiority was at the treatment (5 ml.L humic acid + 20 ml.L EM-1) which gave the highest values of those parameters which were 53.61 mg . 100 g-1 fresh weight , 6.25 mg.g-1 dry weight , 2.3 % , 0,615 % , 17.76 mg.g-1 and 6.30 respectively as compared with control