The paper aims to estimate runoff based on the values of single storm which is calculated as a first step for water harvesting to contribute water scarcity and management of surface water resources, as well as to find morphometric properties of Almurr basin .The Basin is located north-west of Iraq in the province of Nineveh, with a total area (2469 km 2). Dams were proposed, chosen in the best and most suitable sites to store rain water. SCS developed method adopted to estimate the depth of surface runoff for the study area, taking into consideration the important variables as, soil type, land use and antecedent moisture content (AMC).watershed Modeling system (WMS) Technique, satellite images, digital maps and digital elevation model (DEM) were used to simulate and analyze hydrological data and to determine the best sections of the proposed dams sites. Data of daily rains of Rabiaa station of the period (2003-2012) were adopted for the purpose of estimating runoff. Almurr basin was divided into fifteen Sub basins. The (2 and 15) Sub basins were found to be the best water harvesting. Consequently, most suitable locations were selected at the end of each these two sub basins as the proposed site for the construction of a dam of five meters height. The reserved water estimated at (820 830) m3 and (668323) m3 for the two sub basins respectively. The mean rainfall for the above period reached (297) mm and the depth of surface runoff between (2.17and 46.2) mm. The rainstorms during (2007-2008) and (2011-2012) did not produce any surface runoff.