Electrical characterization of thermoelectric generators based on p-type Yb0.6Co4Sb12 and n-type Fe2.0Co2.0Sb12 thermoelectric materials


In this study, thermoelectric power generation (TEPG) device (D) was fabricated.The device based on p-Yb0.6Co4Sb12 and n-Fe2.0Co2.0Sb12, fabricated by using the solid state microwave. 8-couples of legs connected and attached to alumina substrates by Ag paste–Cu plate–Ag paste electrodes, with dimensions of 25 mm by 25 mm were used to fabricate the device. The maximum output power (Pmax) and the open-circuit voltage (Voc) was estimated based on the temperature difference (∆T) of 210 K and the hot-side temperature (TH) of 603 K for the module. We found the obtained open-circuit voltage (Voc) was 18.046 mV and the maximum output power (Pmax) was 12.732 μW.