Evaluation of Synergistic Effect of Nicotinic Acid with Imipenem as Antibiofilm for Clinical Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolates


The present study aims to evaluate the synergistic activity of nicotinic acid (NIC)with the Imipenem (IMI) as an anti-biofilm for clinical isolated Pseudomonasaeruginosa. The values of minimum inhibitor concentration (MICs) for IMI andNIC (Separately) against P. aeruginosa were (16) ug/mL and (8) ug/ml respectively.Whereas, the concentration of NIC with IMI (as combined) for biofilm inhibitionwas 1 ug/ml for NIC and 4 ug/ml for IMI. The combining of NIC with IMI showedsynergistic efficacy against formation of bacterial biofilm (at MIC levels). Theseresults provide a conclusion that NIC combined with IMI is can be considered as asuccessful prospective treatment against the biofilm produced by P. aeruginosa andas antibacterial medication.