Investigation of Sand Dunes Sedimentary Structures – Najaf Governorate – IRAQ


This research concerns with the study of the sand dunes sedimentary structuresin two areas from dunes field of Najaf governorate these are; 1)Al-Rahimiya and2)Ain Mazlun areas, where the first area consists from barchans, barchanoid, andnabkha dunes types, while the second area has the dome, longitudinal, nabkha, andsand sheet dunes types.The affected prevailing wind direction is obvious on the study area, where has theNW-SE bearing and the sedimentary structures were influenced by prevailing andlocal wind directions in studied areas.Many types of sedimentary structures recognized in the studied areas these are;cross stratification, ripple marks, slump (grain flow), adhesion structures, andbioturbation structures.The changes in parameters of the depositional environment, which influenced thedistribution or formed of special sand dunes sedimentary structures due to changesin climatic conditions at the time.