Woman Problems in A Traumatized Society Field | Study in Al-Anbar Province


The present study aims the most prominent societal problems due to the crisis circumstances on displaced Iraqi women. Its objectives focused on identifying the factors that increased these problems and the effects due to these conditions. It is important to know that studying women case is essential in the development process. Neglecting or postponing the study of such cases subserves the underdevelopment and the non-security of the society.To identify the objectives of the study, the social survey method was adopted by using a sample composed of (150) women who were displaced into the camp of Ameriyah in Fallujah, Al Anbar province. In order to achieve scientific and objective results, the researcher adopted some other means such as observation and interview. The study reached a number of results:The woman suffered from the problem of gender inequality. The study has showed high rates of poverty and unemployment among females in comparison with males. High rates of women householders. High rates of illiteracy in front of low rate of joining education. The role of women, during the crisis, has increased and she became occupying many roles to achieve the human security to her family.