Finite Element Analysis of RC Deep Beams under an Eccentric Load


This study investigates the effect of the load eccentricity on thedeep beams, in terms of failure load and failure mode, using ANSYS nonlinear finite element program. Three RC deep beams with shear span to depth ratios, varying from 0.91 to 1.67 are modeled. A comparison between the experimental and numerical results, under central load, showed approximately full matching between them. This had been done in order to ensure that the model was represented properly. The used model for investigating the behavior of the RC deep beams under an eccentric load with various heights of beams showed that under eccentric load there was a significant reduction in the failure load. Increasing the beams height cause of an increase (gradually) of the failure load with the incremental increases of the height, also there was a clear reduction in the failure load due to eccentricity. For the load eccentricity value 50 mm all the beams of different heights possess the same failure load and all of them failed due to concrete crushing at the beam compression face.