Effect of a sports recreation programme to reduce the psychological pressure of prisoners of the Iraqi rehabilitation Department for ages (25-30) Year


aim of research: 1. Design a proposed sports recreation programme suited to the category of prisoners.2 .identify the efficacy of the proposed recreational programme in alleviating the psychological pressure of the prisoners of the Iraqi reform Department; The researcher used the experimental approach because it fits with the nature of the search problem and the design of the trial group and the security group (the experimental approach is that of a method that focuses on experience and field testing, guided and informed by means of observation. The research community is composed of Iraqi prisoners and the age of 25-30 years, who are sentenced to short sentences, including robbery, bribery, forgery and other cases, except murder and terrorism. They are in the sixth (100) prisoners ' prison in the Rusafa/Baghdad section, as shown in table 1 by statistical and the survey conducted by the researcher and the information obtained from the Directorate of the Sixth Monitoring prison, dated 15/12/2016, so the search community was chosen in the intentional way of Ages (25-30) years There are 100 inmates, who are prisoners of the Iraqi Reform department — Baghdad, the Sixth monitoring section. The researcher adopted the Random Search sample (lottery), representing the age group (25 – 30) years of the research community and represented 20 inmates they were divided into two groups of officers and tested by the method of polling, with 10 prisoners per group and the equivalent of the two groups.The researcher presented the statistics with tables and was discussed scientifically and supported by scientific sources.Conclusions and recommendations: through the results of the research, the following can be deduced: 1. The study found that there are statistically significant differences in the telemetry between the pilot group and the group in the psychological pressure of the pilot group.2. The study found that there are statistically significant differences in the experimental group between tribal measurement and dimensional measurement in psychological pressure, in favour of telemetry.3. The study found that there are no statistically significant differences in the psychological pressure of the group in the tribal and physical measurement.4. There is a positive tendency for inmates to engage in recreational sporting activity.5. The Sports recreation programme has a positive impact in alleviating the psychological stress of 0inmates.The recommendations were: in the light of the findings of the researcher, it is recommended that: 1. Use the proposed recreational programme in all special prisons for the research sample. 2. The researcher recommends that sports fields should be provided in all sections of the Iraqi Correctional Service.3. Increased attention to and development of recreational programmes.Words key-recreation-program -psychological pressure.